Care about your house.
Design your home.


The EArchitect method is a design service to easily renovate your future home.


To achieve a well done design, save yourself problems and be comfortable in your apartment.

Why you need help...

✓ Not able to visualize which materials are going to combine, have a reasonable price and be enduring.
✓ Not able to layout the planing of the apartment to achieve big living spaces but also storage. 
✓ Not able to execute the designs that you have researched in instagram or pinterest.
Don't want a bricklayer to advise you ¡They will go the easy and cheap way!
✓ Don't want to be cheated with the budget for the refurbishment.

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How we help...

Want a unique special design adapted to you.
✓ Want to identify the problems and apply innovative solutions.
✓ Want a catalogue of materials that have worked so good for us.
Want  wide open spaces, luminous and smart storage to loose the minimum space.
✓ Want to combine functionality and durability.

Take a look at our projects!


We will analyze how is your house currently and we will discuss the possibilities there are with the budget you have.
We will define:
▸ How would you like to live?
▸ What would you want to convert your home in?
▸ How much budget do you have?
▸ What are your tastes?
▸ Do you have pinterest or instagram references that you like?

We will meet in the apartment to get to know each other and see the space.
Necessary information will be collected:
▸ Draw the plans
▸ Photo report
▸ Data (year of construction, location, height, etc.).

▸ We will design a unique proposal specially adapted for you.
▸ We will make different distribution layouts and materials combinations. We will discuss them with you through emails and video calls until you get what you really like.
▸ We will combine materials that have good quality, durability and design.
▸ Through a virtual 3D you can see how your apartment will look.

We will put you in touch with our certified construction company. They will be responsible for executing the work according to our design with quality and without deception.
▸ They will present a budget: it does not make sense to draft a budget at the beginning, since depending on what you want to do, the price can vary a lot. Our project estimation are always around 700-800 € / sqm.
▸ We will modify the project so that it adapts to your economic possibilities.
▸ They will specify the start and end dates.


You willl get:

Professional scale plans.

3D views of the project.

Catalog of materials.

Constructive memory of how to carry out the project.

Budget of a leading construction company, without bad quality or cheating.

Qualified builders for quality work.

And most important of all ... your home is the biggest investment you make, where you spend the most time and where you build a family. Therefore you want it to be a unique and special place.


*VAT not included


Who we are?

We are an architecture office with extensive experience in renovations in which we make the refurbishment of your house step by step... from the design so you can adapt what you like of pinterest and instagram to the execution of the work. You will get unique results!

Who is it for?

For those people who have doubts about their refurbishment and would like professional help. You do not want to pay a lot of money to an architect or go directly to a construction company.

Where it takes place?

After the visit to the apartment we will do the design part. We will do online meetings so that from your home and at any time you can see the progress.

Why it exists?

To give you a simple and assumable access to the help of an architect. We help you in all the steps to make it easier, cheaper and better designed.

Can I use another construction company?

Yes. We will give you all the necessary information so that they can do the renovation works according to the designs we have made.

What happens if I am not satisfied?

If for some reason you are not satisfied or you see that it is not for you, you have 15 days of guaranteed return for the design part.

Opinions from our clients

Profile alan

Alan Varley

Reforma Barcelona Alan
Online star

Very happy with my experience and the service I received. Job was carried out in good time and the working process was both creative and enjoyable.

Profile george

George Bearham

Vivienda Enric Granados
Online star

Estaba un poco perdido a la hora de hacer la reforma de mi casa, y contratar un arquitecto era demasiado. AE Arquitectura de manera online me ayudó a hacer un diseño único y que se adaptase a las necesidades de mi familia. 

Profile juanjo


Vivienda Eixample
Online star

El trabajar con ellos fue una grata experiencia, y el resultado es un magnífico y sorprendente diseño, no solo para nosotros y nuestros amigos, sino también para el certamen “Barcelona Open House”, pues fue seleccionado como diseño destacado para ser mostrado al público en la edición 2016.

Profile eva

Eva y Cris Esteban

Vivienda Carrer Tallers
Online star

Cumplió todas nuestras expectativas en un proyecto tan ilusionante para nosotros, haciéndola más adaptada a nuestro estilo. Resultó ser una buena inversión de nuestro dinero.